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You were practically a nervous wreck after that incident. 

You would jump at the slightest sounds, and hide under your cover in fear of the devil suddenly popping up in your bedroom to kill you at night. You had pondered over the idea of going to retrieve more demon blood, and, at first, thought you should see what would happen if Lucifer returned to your apartment only to find you hadn't gotten more blood.

,but you valued your life. Which is why your bottom refrigerator shelf had 5 gallons of demon blood in it. You took one of the gallons to do your own experiments on, and see how demon blood would react to certain things. You found that salt made the blood bubble, but you still were unsure if your knife did anything. Instead, you liked to keep the knife bathed in holy water so you could use it whenever a demon decided to pop in. 

It had been about 5 weeks later, and you had forgotten the incident with Lucifer. You went on with your life, and watched the news often because there was a sudden uprising of natural disasters that was terrifying the world. Whenever you went outside, in your hometown, you would see a couple of people holding signs that said: the end is near. 

Of course that scared you, but you tried to ignore them and continue on with your life. 

There had been a day when you decided to walk to the local store and pick up some items, since you were running low. Entering the store, you grabbed some cereal, salt, noodle packets, a carton of eggs, and some milk. The whole trip went smoothly, but it wasn't until you got home when you faced some trouble.

A dark-skinned bald man was standing in your living room when you returned to your apartment. He was busy admiring one of the pictures on your walls when you walked in and you dropped your stuff on the floor and freaked out. At first he didn't seem to notice you, and you began to slowly shuffle your way to the kitchen so you could grab your knife.

When he did turn to face you, you froze for a moment before scrambling towards the kitchen. Rushing over to your cabinet and pulling out the container, you felt a strong hand grab onto your arm and threw the container at the man's face. The water splashed onto the his face, and your knife fell out of the container and onto the floor beside your feet

The water had no effect on the man, which only scared you even more. Spirit? Werewolf? Vampire?

Your free hand reached back up into the cabinet, searching for the salt. If it was a spirit, the contact of salt would make it go away. If it wasn't a spirit you could still throw the salt at the person's eyes and hope that stalled them.

"Enough!" The man boomed, rattling the cabinet with his demand. You stilled, and stared at the man in horror. 

"I have no idea why he would even think about sparing you." The man spat, dragging you away from the cabinet and shoving you back into the living room. You stumbled and practically fell onto your face. Wow, he's rude. You thought as you pulled yourself into a sitting position.

"I'm sure you have some idea of what I am, maggot." The man said, walking into the living room. He looked so smug, and you frowned at what he had called you. 

"I dunno. A demon, maybe. A vampire?" 

He scoffed at your assumptions, shaking his head.

Well, it wasn't like you were a mind reader or something.

"I am Uriel." He introduced himself, still looking at you as if you were a pest "I am an angel."

"Angel. Yeah right." You scoffed, unbelieving. This man surely couldn't be an angel. He didn't look anything like an angel. Where were the white wings, the halo. Where was the heavenly grace? The kindness? Why did he keep staring at you like you were some fly that landed on his food.  

"Believe me or not, it isn't my concern. I've come to tell you that he will be arriving soon, so you better have demon blood prepared."

You paused. "Who's coming?"

"Lucifer, you idiot." He hissed. 

"Lucifer....wait, but I thought that you just said you were an angel. Why are you warning me about the devil coming? Why don't you try and take him down." You asked, rising off the floor. 

"In case you don't know. Lucifer is also an angel. A strong one, at that, and if you need a history lesson, he was banished from heaven for refusing to bow down to you humans. I share a similar feeling to the idea of bowing down to stains like you. You are pathetic and weak." He was talking to you like a child, which caused you to scowl. 

"You're betraying heaven." You blurted out "That's disloyal."

"What would you know about loyalty." Uriel spat "Humans don't know the meaning of the word. They are about the most disloyal, corrupted creatures out there." 

"I beg to differ." You huffed.

"Save your breath. I don't want to hear what you have to say. I only came to give you a warning." Uriel said to you, turning away, You were about to spring into your defensive mode when the angel vanished, the sound of fluttering wings flowing his disappearance.

"Like he knows the first thing about loyalty." You growled, heading over to gather your grocery supplies and put them up. Once you had done that, you made some noodles and sat down on the couch, turning on the television.

Since you had gotten a warning, you would be expecting the devil, soon. 

It hadn't even been an hour before you heard something rambling about in the kitchen. Then there was the sound of splattering onto the ground. 

You mumbled under your breath, turning off the TV and heading into the kitchen. You were met with the scene of Lucifer standing in the middle of the kitchen, your refrigerator wide open and a gallon of demon blood in his clutches. His head was bent back and he was greedily drinking at the liquid in the container. Some of the blood was streaming down the side of his face and splattering onto the floor, making a splat sound. 

You were mortified by the scene, and hesitated when entering the kitchen, but you needed to put the empty noodle bowl into the sink. Watching him as if he was some lion that would pounce on you at any moment, you crept into the kitchen. 

When he stopped drinking, and drew the gallon away from his lips, he turned to face you with a glare. It was more of a why are you here glare instead of an intimidating glare, but nonetheless it made you nerves prick. Turning your back on him to set the bowl in the sink, you swiveled back around to find that he was busy drinking the gallon of blood again. 

"I hope it's enough blood." You blurted out, breaking the suffocating silence. 

He glanced at you, but didn't stop drinking until the plastic container was empty. Lucifer then threw the carton onto the floor and reached inside for another gallon. Before opening it, he turned his head towards you "The amount of blood is sufficient, but there is no reason for you to watch me." 

It sounded like an accusation to you, so you made your way out of the kitchen and to your bedroom. To be honest, your mind was rattled. You were fighting over the guilty feeling of actually being allured by the sight of the blonde man drinking blood in the kitchen and the troubling feeling of knowing the devil drinking blood in your kitchen. Yet, your mind just had a way of traveling off by itself sometimes, and you desperately tried to shake away the thoughts of the man drinking the blood without a shirt on, the red liquid slowly traveling down the bare chest of the man while he licked the residue from his lips greedily.

Whoa whoa whoa, where are these thoughts coming from. haha. stop it mind. This is the devil you're thinking about. You mused to yourself, opening the door to your room and heading over to one of the two chairs that were placed over by the window. You were unsure of what to do, knowing that Satan was in your kitchen gobbling down the gallons of demon blood. So, why not do what you usually do?

Surf the internet. 

Grabbing your laptop and opening it, you pondered of what to go on. Tumblr? or Youtube? 

Instead you typed up Satan, hoping to do some research on the man that was busy in the kitchen. You stumbled across religious articles, and wikipedia pages. Most of the images was some red guy with horns and a spiked tail. You chuckled at the picture of god hand wrestling the horned red guy. 

"What's amusing?" 

You screeched, slamming the laptop close and staring in shock at the blonde man that was now standing in your bedroom. A half empty gallon of blood was in his hand, and his blue eyes were settled on you. There was blood dripping from his lips and down his face, falling onto the bedroom floor and making red stains. 

"What? huh. Nothing." You said, trying to sound normal, but just came out sounding nervous.

He scowled at you. "Lying, to me. Really?" he scoffed, drifting his eyes around the room as he pulled the gallon back up to his mouth to drink from it. 

You were at a loss of words. You desperately wanted to start a conversation, but what were you suppose to say. Hey, how's the weather? 

 "Why do you hate humans?" You asked. Great conversation starter.

The blonde man regarded you silently, a look of amusement shining in his eyes. It was like he could almost read your thoughts and he was laughing at you for them. Oh shit, what if he can actually read your thoughts. Did he hear what you were thinking earlier.? Shit shit shit.

He went to sit down on your bed, facing you with a serious gaze. Setting the gallon of blood on the bed, you winced. You were definitely gonna have to wash your blankets since there was now a small puddle of blood forming at the bottom of the carton and sinking into your sheets.

"You know why God cast me down?" He began.

 "Not really" You muttered.

" Because I loved him. More than anything. And then God The little...hairless apes. And then he asked all of us to bow down before you—to love you more than him. And I said, 'Father...I can't!' I said, 'These human beings are flawed, murderous!'  I was never fond of your species when my father created you. He made you so imperfect.  I'm disgusted by the idea even now, to bow down to you. I rebelled against the idea, it's undignified to bow down to bugs."

You thought to yourself when he said that and wondered how you would feel if you were forced to bow down to bugs. Yeah, no. 

" Then my father, God, sent me from heaven down to earth for my rebellion. To be honest, I still believe this is all your faults. My father was so fixated on your species, yet he never fixed all the corrupted things about you. Of course, my brother was sent to shove me in a cage in hell so I wouldn't go around 'tainting' his toys."

He sounded like he was talking more to himself now. Like he was just going over the events and placing opinions on them. You shifted uncomfortably at the way he talked about your species. I mean, yeah. Humans were kinda bad. Murdering, poverty, polluting the earth. Yeah, you actually agreed with him somehow, but there were still the humans that weren't so bad. What about charities, and shelters? The random kind acts throughout the day.

"I've escaped from the cage to seek justice." he finished, gulping down the rest of the demon blood that was in the plastic carton "I will get rid of your species once and for all." 

Justice? More like a tantrum. The thought slipped into your head unconsciously, and you hadn't really paid much attention to it until you notice that Lucifer was now glaring at you. You paused, wondering what you had done wrong when you got sight of his murderous stare. 

"You do realize I am capable of hearing thoughts." He spoke.


Your nerves were screaming at you to run, but you felt cornered. Like, if you run you would cause him to attack you. However, he didn't attack. Actually, he didn't do anything,but continue to glare. Then he rose from the bed and tossed the empty demon blood carton at you, scoffing. 

"You better be glad that I need demon blood, or you'd be dead." He growled, walking out of the room. You could hear him shuffling around in the kitchen again, but you didn't move. 

Don't piss off the devil you noted to yourself. and keep a check on your thoughts.
Alright, listen up cuties, this story may contain a lot of swearing and maybe something naughty (if I'm not a wimp to write it.) 

I may have to put this in mature content for language.

Also, The first 3 chapters are gonna be the hardest to get Lucifer to warm up to you, but by the 4th chapter I'm sure you may have established some type of bond with him. 

Please don't mind the spelling mishaps in this chapter.


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